Tank Terminal탱크터미널


Berth L.O.A DWT(ton) Seaway & Port Depth Max.Draft Products Hourly Capa./line Two Berths Operation Remarks
East Pier No.10 220m(Berth : 240m) 50,000 15.8 12.0m(Port Official) Petroleum Products & Chemicals 1 Hrs / 500~800(m3/hr) Yes 12"x2 Line
10"x2 Line
8"x3 Line
6"x1 Line
East Pier No.12 12"x3 Line
10"x4 Line
8"x1 Line

* Berthing is up to Draft rather than DWT

* Heat tracing facility has 3 lines on the 12th berth (12"x2Line, 10"x1Line).

Truck-Loading Facilities트럭 적재 시설

terminal03_2.png terminal03_2.png terminal03_2.png
Pumps dedicated Location Capa(m3/H) No.of tanks Remarks
For Tank Lorry A, B, C Site +80 26 Hourly AVG Rate : 80(m3/hr)
Rack for tank lorry +80 10
For Vessel(Booster) A, B Site +500 5 Hourly AVG Rate : 500(m3/hr)